Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Waiting for the call! !

We meet with our new social worker today! She said she is going to represent us and any children we may take in, will have their own social worker. She is so nice, around the same age as us, runs and sews! We had a lot in common and she loved our nursery! She asked us how much risk we would be willing to take on and we were hesitant. I expressed a concern that we may take on an unadoptable child and we would miss out on an ideal adoptable situation. So she said we can just get licensed for two babies! ! ! Now that got me jazzed! She really wants to help us! She told us we are on the big list of foster to adopt parents and we can get a call ANY DAY! ! ! ANY TIME! !  I told my family they can not call me any more. Every time my phoned rings, my heart jumps out of my chest! And this is only the first day! This is going to be a bumpy ride! But for now, we just wait on the call....waiting for a sweet little one!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Haopy New Year!

Today was a good day! I am finally starting to feel better and we got the call from our new social worker today! She made an appointment to come over and meet us and check out our house. Our appointment is in 2 weeks! Then at work, I won $50! Score! Then, I came home and we received our licence and our I'd cards from children's services!!!!! We are official!!!!! A pretty great day and an amazing start to 2013!

Friday, December 28, 2012

We Have Been Approved!

Today started out at the doctor's office fo me. I woke up with the room spinning several times, through out the night. I was really scared! But, it turns out, I have a sinus infection and a virus, accompanied by a fun dose of vertigo! So I had to take the day off and while I was lying on the sofa, I got a call from Children's Services. I was half out of it, but she said that she commpleted our homestudy paperwork on the 19th and she turned it into her supervisor. She said that I sounded confused! I was more surprised! I was really starting to think we would never get this call! She said that we will be assigned a new social worker and we will hear from her within the week...then WE GET PUT ON THE LIST OF FOSTER TO ADOPT PARENTS!!!! I cannot wait! Tears of joy just streamed down my face as soon as I hung up and called my husband to give him the big news! He thought something was wrong with me! LOL! I am just so happy! Last week, I was growing so impatient. It felt like it was never going to happen for us! This is the best Christmas gift ever!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Home Study is Complete!

We have completed all of the requirements! We have attended TONS of classes, had many appointments, got fingerprinted, had physicals, psych evaluations, background checks, wrote biographies and have finally finished the nursery! Now, we just wait for our caseworker to compile all of the information and to finally become certified! THEN.......we get to wait for the BIG call!Tomorrow, I will take some photos of the nursery and will post them :) We were told the paperwork should be done in December! Maybe we will have a baby in our home for the new year! Who knows!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Only Two Homestudy Visits Left!

I have not updated lately because I started a new job and have not been feeling very well. Thankfully I am feeling much better and have a ton to fill you in on! We have had 3 appointments since you last heard from me! Both my husband and I had our individual biography appointments, we had an appointment together at Children's Services on Friday, and we had our psychological examinations yesterday! Our social worker said we only have 2 appointments left: 1 more at Children's Services and the final one at our house! Then we can start waiting for the big call to get our baby!
In the mean time, we have been working on the nursery! I made the bedding and we both have been refinishing the furniture.  We even made a trip to Ikea with some friends who are also going through the adoption process!  We are also using some of our wedding decorations in the nursery! I do not have any final photos but you can see our progress:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Last night, we had our fire inspection. I was so worried there would be some hidden danger zone in our seemingly safe house that would instantly fail us! THANKFULLY there were none. We passed! Easy peasy! Flying along.....
Today we checked a few more items off the old check list! I went in for my physical with the doctor and both Dear Hubby and I went in for fingerprinting. His, of course went fast and easy. Mine, however was a royal pain in the you-know-where! I do not have good prints. Every year, when I volunteer for camp, I have to get fingerprinted and every year it is a chore. My prints just don't work. It does not help me that everything is digital because those machines hate when they see these fingers coming! So I went to Children's Services for my prints and this poor woman! She tried so hard! We just could not get 3 good finger prints. So, she sent me to the sheriff's department, with the warning that they hate CS's there. That was an understatement. As soon as the woman heard the words Children's Services, she went on a rant about how they never do anything right there and she is going to tell them that they will not do prints for them anymore. Whew! Well, I told her that I would like to adopt, however they were unable to get viable prints. She said "well, what makes you think I will? I probably won't either." I said "I understand that you have a ton of frustration with them, but please understand that I am just trying to get through this process, so that we can bring a baby home". She softened up and apologised. She got 3 decent prints from me, after a ton of tries, but she did not want to give up! There was a bunch of stuff I skipped. Well, this costs money, of course, but she said she would try to see if she could even get good prints before she sent me to the atm, next door. Since she did, I ventured over to the atm and I tried every. single. debit. card. in . my. purse. Seriously. That machine had to have been out of money. It just spit out a receipt with an error code on it, with every card I tried. Yes, I have a ton of cards. Finally, I called my super-hero-husband, to rescue me and to please bring me some cash! I was supposed to be at work at this, point, and while I know they don't care, I still have to make up all of this time!
Oh yeah! I got a new job! I forgot to say that! I start on Monday the 15th! I currently have an hour and a half commute and this new job will give me 2 hours of my day back! Wahooooooooooooo! So, while I am still here, they don't care what I work, as long as I get my 40 hours in, so I am taking advantage! Tomorrow I am going in late, so I can go to the social security office, so I can FINALLY change my name! That only took 5 weeks! (Whoops!)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Our first home study appointment on Friday was a success! We gave her all of the paperwork we had completed, thus far, including the infamous autobiographies! We showed her around the house and she tested the water temperature, which was not to go above 120*F, which is considered scalding. We passed with a whopping 110*F, so she told us what we are to do next. We were given the go-ahead to have a fire inspection, which is actually scheduled for this evening. We are to have a crib assembled,  baby gates, fire extinguishers, etc. Over the weekend, we sanded down the crib, in preparation of painting it white, purchased a mattress, baby proofing gear, 2 baby gates, paint and a paint gun to paint the crib and the dresser. I am very excited for the nursery! The one bad thing is that the social worker told us that the baby's room needs to be on the same floor as ours, up to a certain age, which she was not sure of which age. I told her the baby could sleep in the alcove up in our room, which is legal, up until the baby is one. I hope that they can sleep downstairs after that, or else I do not know what we will do. Well, HOPEFULLY we won't have to worry about it, as we will hopefully have custody by then! I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow, along with Eli and I will both get fingerprinted. We are moving right along! Oh! And my appointment with the social worker to go over my autobiography is on Friday and Eli's is next Thursday! I feel like this is moving right along! I am super excited to get this part of the process done and over with!